As one reflects upon the make-up of the church, one should remember that regardless as to how “poor” in spiritual strength the church is, life without it would be even worse. Are you committed to Him who gives life? Have you lost your saltiness? Has the congregation as a whole lost its saltiness? The New Covenant Fellowship should never forget its drive, or aim, as a redemptive society. A church building is secondary, not the primary purpose of this fellowship. The objective is to strengthen the members and, at the same time, to win souls to Christ by sharing the message of salvation. In doing both of these activities, the body of Christ gives glory to God, which glory He deserves for His grace and love. In the ancient world of pagan Greece, one, in the study of history of their gods, observes that shrines outlasted the real vitality of the people. One objective of the New Covenant Fellowship is to encourage Christians not to lose their spiritual zeal for the things of God? As an individual, have you lost your vigor for the cause of Christ? Has your zeal for Christ died in spite of all the assets of spiritual blessings you have experienced in Christ. This congregation should be on its guard that it never falls into dull conformity. The believers in this congregation must direct the patterns of life for those who behold their profession of faith. The world cannot be saved by just coming together to sing three hymns and listen to the Word of God expounded. Is the needle of your life stuck in the groove, like an old phonograph player? If so, you need to recapture your zeal for the things of God.

As this congregation begins another Lord’s Day, hopefully, every person present is seeking to reach out to others in order to strengthen them in their faith and to lead others into a relationship with God. In order to accomplish this objective, every believer must make a commitment to serve Jesus Christ. I encourage each of you to utilize the sermons written by me (Dallas Burdette) as an evangelistic tool to reach out to your relatives and friends. If you want this congregation to grow, everyone must become actively involved in soul winning. Do you remember the words of Paul concerning ministry? Listen to him as he drives home his point about outreach: “He has committed to us the message of reconciliation” (1 Corinthians 5:19). Yes, this means you!

As you reflect upon your own spiritual life, you should search your soul to see what your spiritual relationship to God is. Is your spiritual life on a low-ebb? Or are you zealous for the things of God? Is God a part of your daily life? It goes almost without saying—a godless person is one who is content to live without God. Are you living without God? Is the church in your plans for Christian service? The faith of the church is not only relevant, but also urgently necessary. Without Christianity, civilization will not remain. Some Christians seem to discount the importance of the church in their lives. Many desire to live their lives in isolation from Christianity. It is only in Christ that one escapes from the jungle of individualism—doing one’s own thing. In spite of the church’s shortcomings, one can still say that the church is, in spite of everything, the most important single phenomenon that human history has to show.

Just a brief reflection upon the Christian faith, one quickly discovers that Christianity is not just intellectual curiosity about the facts of the Bible, but rather, it is commitment. Christ lives, not in one’s intellectual assent to the truth about Himself, but rather in the life that one pours out on His behalf. Unless men and women give, as it were, their life’s blood to Christ, Christ remains a ghost and the story of faith is only a venerable and crumbling ruin. Christianity is not an academic exercise, like a crossword puzzle or riddle waiting for solution. Faith alone is not enough for God, but the cost must also be there.  Just a casual glance of the church in the New Testament reveals that God established a new relationship through Jesus Christ, which individuals then share in the New Covenant, that is, a new aeon, or age. In Christ, one witnesses a new humanity.

Are you a part of this new humanity? Is your life a life of worship? The whole life of the Christian is worship, that is to say, 24—7. The church is a community of believers, not an ecclesiastical organization. It is essentially a fellowship of persons and not an institution. The church is God’s people, the elect of God. The church is the fellowship of Christ and of the Holy Spirit. Does the church mean anything to you? Hopefully, your answer is YES!