Old Texts through New Eyes: Romans 16:17

I hope you enjoy this new video from Dallas. Special thanks to O.B. Richardson for travelling to Montgomery to film this series of videos. If you wish to research other passages that have been misused, There is an entire book dedicated to the subject! You can download it for free: https://freedominchrist.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/New-Old-Texts.pdf Or purchase it from… Continue reading Old Texts through New Eyes: Romans 16:17

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Hello, my name is Dallas Burdette. Just a few years ago, I had over 1200 subscribers on my website: freedominchrist.net. The technology outgrew my website. As a result, I could no longer communicate to those on my email list. At long last, a friend of mine, Daniel Rogers, brought my outdated website up-to-date. Daniel reformatted… Continue reading Subscribe to the Website

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