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Hello, my name is Dallas Burdette. Just a few years ago, I had over 1200 subscribers on my website: The technology outgrew my website. As a result, I could no longer communicate to those on my email list. At long last, a friend of mine, Daniel Rogers, brought my outdated website up-to-date. Daniel reformatted this site on 1-16-2021.

I presently have over 1200 essays and sermons that you can now access and download. I also have made available 8 of my 11 published books converted to PDF format for FREE.

We will expand this website regularly with new subjects. I also have several video lectures under “,” which I have listed on this website. When you access my website, you will observe several specialized categories listed to enhance one’s in-depth studies in a particular area. This site also contains several YouTube addresses concerning many fields of biblical studies.

Hopefully, many of the email addresses are still viable. Our new website will allow individuals to subscribe or unsubscribe. I apologize for the long delay. I thank God that He has allowed Daniel Rogers to develop and maintain this site. Daniel, himself, also has a powerful website ministry, which I recommend to my readers (

I look forward to hearing from my earlier email subscribers.


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